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Perfect Decorative Items for Living Rooms in Dubai (UAE)

In Dubai, a big city where everything is very fancy and modern, your living room is like the heart of your home. It’s where you show your style and who you are. It would be best if you chose some cool things to decorate it with to make it memorable.

Think about fancy lights hanging from the ceiling, beautiful rugs with fancy designs, and other cool stuff that makes your living room look great.

There are many options, just like many tall buildings in the city. Let’s look closely at some awesome things you can put in your Dubai living room to make it stand out.

1. Wall Clock

A wall clock isn’t just to tell the time; it’s also a decoration that can make your living room look good. If your room is modern, you can choose a simple clock design that fits in well. But if you like old-fashioned things, you can go for a clock that looks like it’s from the past.

In Dubai, where everything is very modern, a wall clock made from fancy materials like marble or shiny metal can make your room look nice. It adds style to your room while still helping tell the time.

Check out these elegant looking wall clocks below:

2. Rugs

Rugs are suitable for your living room because they make it look nicer and feel good when you walk on them. In Dubai, the floors are usually made of cold marble, so a soft rug can make the room feel warmer and more comfortable.

You can choose between a classic Persian carpet, which looks old-fashioned, or a modern one with exciting shapes for a newer style. Just be sure to pick a rug that matches your furniture and makes the room look nice and finished.

Some rugs suggested for you:

3. Mirror

Mirrors help a room look brighter and more prominent in Dubai, where people like fancy things. A large mirror can be the main thing in your living room.

You can pick a big mirror with a fancy frame to make the room look fancy and stylish. Or, if you prefer things to be simple, you can choose a mirror without a frame for a modern feel.

Put it in a good place so it reflects sunlight and makes the room look even more significant and excellent.

Here are some mirror check them out:

4. Chandeliers

A fancy light hanging from the ceiling in your living room makes it look super luxurious. In Dubai, where there are many tall, shiny buildings, having a chandelier in your home makes it look extra fancy.

You can pick a classic crystal one for a timeless and fancy appearance or choose a modern style with clean lines and a contemporary finish. A lovely chandelier can make your living room feel incredibly luxurious if you prefer simple or fancy things.

Some elegant looking chandelier for you:

4. Book Shelves

If you like books and excellent designs, displaying your book collection in your living room is a good idea. Get a good bookshelf that keeps your books organized and looks lovely as part of the room’s decor.

In Dubai, where there’s a mix of modern and traditional things, a bookshelf made of excellent wood or shiny metal fits well in any contemporary room.

Put your books neatly on the shelves, and add some cool Art and other pretty things to make your display look great and show off your style.

More Items to Make Your Living Room

Here are some more items to make your living room eye-catching: 

  • Indoor Plants

You can bring a little bit of nature into your home by putting some green plants inside. Plants like succulents or palm trees can grow well in Dubai, where it’s usually warm. They look good and help make the air in your living room fresher.

  • Statement Artwork

Make your walls more attractive by hanging up some lovely artwork. It makes your living room look even better and more profound. You can pick paintings or pictures that you like to make your space feel more like yours.

  • Floor Cushions

If you want a comfy sitting spot, consider using oversized cushions on the floor. They’re great when visitors are over, or you just want to relax with your family. Find cushions with pretty designs and soft, fancy fabrics to make your living room feel cozy and welcoming.


Choosing stylish and practical decorations to make your living room look fancy in Dubai would be best. In case you prefer modern or classic things, there are many choices to make your living space look lovely and elegant.

When you pick out these unique decorations, it makes your living room feel super luxurious, creating a cozy and beautiful space.

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