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Stylish Dining Table Ideas for Small Spaces (Dubai, UAE)

Most people need more space in modern urban living. The most concerning issue in small spaces is the dining area. If you have a small space, then it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style or comfort that you can attain with the help of a dining table. You can go for many innovative solutions for dining tables with limited space availability.

We have many solutions for small dining rooms with different designs, so look at the below and get the right dining table ideas. 

Round Dining Table:

A round table is one of the most appreciated dining table ideas for small spaces. They work well in limited spaces due to the absence of sharp corners that occupy the big area. Another advantage of round dining tables is that they accommodate more chairs than traditional rectangular or square tables.

Round dining tables come in different sizes, so you must analyze the space available in the dining room and buy the correct size. If you have a large family, you can increase the number of chairs with a round table.

For getting a luxurious look with your small dining table, you can go for glass material, and if you are looking for budget options, then wooden or plastic dining tables are good choices. 

Oval Shape Dining Table:

Round dining tables are an innovative solution for saving space in the dining room. They also lack modernism, so you can choose other options if you don’t want to compromise on the style. An oval-shaped dining table is another excellent option due to its narrow shape.

These tables allow traffic to flow around without compromising the comfort of sitting people. If you go for a pedestal base table, six persons can easily adjust on an oval-shaped dining table.

You can also customize the chairs around these tables for more space. Select matching chairs with your table in color and, to some extent, design to create more attractive looks for the dining room. 

Folding and Extendable Tables:

Folding and extendable tables can be space-saving in your small dining room. These tables are versatile and can expand as needed. Wall-mounted folding tables are also suitable for the hassle-free setting of the dining room. You can easily fold them when not in use to ensure maximum floor space.

Extendable tables come with sections, so you can expand them conveniently when extra seating is required. You will also find many designs in these tables that allow for easy adjustment to transform your small table into a bigger one for everyday use.   

Glass and Transparent Dining Tables:

Dining tables in glass or transparent materials can create an illusion of space because light can pass through them easily. Your room will feel more spacious and airy. So, if you are looking for the best modern dining tables with space-saving options, then go for glass dining tables in round or oval shape.

You can arrange chairs with versatile tables to use in other rooms and take meals for more people. Middle-sized chairs are more suitable with transparent or glass tables because they don’t block the view along with these tables.

Glass and Transparent Dining Table In Dubai,UAE

Drop Leaf Dining Table:

If you are looking for an innovative and affordable solution for a small dining space, then we will recommend a drop-leaf dining table that is stylish and practical at the same time. A table leaf is an additional piece used to increase the surface area to accommodate more people to sit around for dining purposes easily.

The drop-leaf dining table has two leaves on both sides that can drop down when unused. You can save a significant area of your dining room with the help of this dining table. Before finalizing the drop-leaf dining table, you must think about its durability. If many people are going to dine using this table, then table leaves will be used frequently. Any compromise on the table’s quality will lead to these leaves’ diy-functionality.  

Corner Table:

We mostly neglect the importance of corner space in a dining room that can be utilized efficiently to enhance the dining space and save more area for easy traffic flow. You can add functionality with the proper sense of styling with the help of a well-chosen corner table.

Several designs in corner tables can enhance the appearance of the dining room. You can use triangular, round, and traditional rectangular tables with customized sizes for the best setting. Some corner tables also have shelves and built-in storage, allowing you to save more space in the dining room.

Before choosing the right corner table, it is better to consider different aspects that influence your choices. You must consider several people the corner table will accommodate and then go for the accurate size. Buy such a corner table that can complement the overall theme of the dining room.

If you have modern furniture in other rooms of the house, then there will be better choices than a traditionally designed corner table. Think of some stylish designs that can fulfill your artistic approach.

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