Eid al Adha Gifts for Home Decor in Dubai (UAE)

10+ Eid al Adha Gifts for Home Decor in Dubai (UAE)

Muslim community celebrates Eid al Adha as festival of sacrifice. It is the perfect time for prayers and gatherings. People in Dubai feel much more motivated on this occasion. They also share different gifts with their loved ones.

Home décor gifts are best when you think about Eid gifts. So, in Dubai (UAE), you will get many gift ideas for this upcoming festival of Eid al Adha.

Following are some unique home décor gift ideas giving that you can think of for making this Eid more joyous.

Wall Arts and Wall Clocks for Eid Décor

Wall art and wall clocks are perfect home décor gifts for any occasion. In Dubai (UAE), you can choose different wall art and clock ideas. You can buy some nice wall clocks or wall art and add more love to your Eid gift.

Here are some wall arts and wall Clocks decoration ideas:

1. Crystal Arch Table Clock:

A vintage-shaped table clock is one of the best home décor gift ideas that goes well with UAE traditions. You can buy a glass and metal table clock to add more sense of styling to your gift.

2. White Star Clock:

If you are looking for a wall clock that gives a perfect wall art shape, you should think of a white star clock. A star clock with matte gold and white corners will make a perfect star shape. This gift can boost the outlook of any room. So you can install it in any room of a house.

3. Oval Wall Clock:

Traditionally designed wall clocks lack appealing looks. So, for an Eid al Adha gift, you should think extra. An oval-shaped wall clock will be a suitable choice. It will grab the attention of the people passing by.

It will add more uniqueness to home décor. You can buy a metal clock in gold color with an oval shape design from Shaghaf Home and gift it to your loved one on this upcoming Eid al Adha as a perfect gift.

4. Iron Wall Clock:

Iron wall clocks are always in fashion. So, if you feel confused while buying an Eid gift, go for an iron wall clock. A gold metal iron wall clock with a black dial will provide a royal touch to your gift. Receiver of this gift will admire your choice and consider it practical.

5. Iron Wall Wings Art Set:

Wall sculptures with bold and modern designs have a long-lasting impact on people. You can also consider an iron wall wings art set as an Eid gift. An Iron wall wings art set comes with high-quality iron.

It will give a statement look to a room. You can buy this wall art from Shaghaf Home by choosing different sizes. It will provide you with the perfect size according to your requirements.

6. Falcon Wall Art:

If you live anywhere in Dubai, you must be familiar with the grace of falcon wall art. It is a most suitable gift to show a bond with culture.

You can buy a digital framed artwork that comprises a falcon with traditional Arabic attire. It is a lovely gift that goes well on all occasions.

Home Accessories For Eid ul Adha Decoration

No home looks complete without accessories because they create a balanced and stunning image of any place. On Eid al Adha, you can think of the following home accessories to gift.

1. Marble Tray:

    It is one of the most practical and decorative gifts. There is no need to wait and go for a marble tray to add a touch of elegance to your gift. A square marble tray in an attractive color will be a good choice for a gift.

    2. Makeup Organizer Box:

      A makeup organizer box is the first and preferred choice for women. It is the best option if you are looking for a gift for a woman in Dubai, this is the best option.

      A makeup organizer with a perfume storage option will be a classic gift choice. Go for options that support makeup items like foundations, brushes, perfumes, etc.

      3. Candles Holder Set:

        Candle holder sets are suitable gift items for occasions like Eid, Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. You can buy a beautiful set of 6 candle holders with gold color. It will be a perfect gift for home decoration, and you can use it for dining purposes.

        4. Alpaca Design Kids Stool:

        Are you planning to buy a gift for the kid's room?

        If yes, then Alpaca Design Kids' stool is a considerable choice. It will add more adventurous and luxurious looks to the kid's room.

        You can buy a set of five stools in different colors to complete the decoration and furniture needs. Kids will love to see such stools as an Eid-al-Adha gift.

        Artificial And Dried Plants For Home Decoration

          Artificial and dried plants are the best gifts in UAE because they add more life and give a natural look to any place.

          Here you will get a few artificial and dried plant ideas:

          1. Artificial Olive Oil Tree:

          Artificial olive oil tree is the best gift due to their low maintenance. This gift will be a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and peace.

          If you consider the traditions of UAE then it will be the perfect gift choice for you. This gift will provide the best indoor decoration and add more life and beauty to the room.

          2. Dried Pampas Grass:

          Natural beige-dried pampas grass can provide bold looks to any place. You can use it as wall art and hang it with wall mirrors. It will create fluffy and adorable looks if hung in the home.

          3. Artificial Lemon Tree:

          An artificial lemon tree features beautiful artificial lemons and an attractive vase. It is another appealing choice. You can use this artificial lemon tree as a gift item on Eid al Adha. It will give a natural look when placed perfectly.

          4. Artificial Palm Plant:

          If we talk about a source of comfort and a symbol of beauty, then there is nothing comparable with palm plants. So, if you plan to add more luxurious looks to any indoor place, you can buy an Artificial palm plant. Use this plant as a gift item and add more love and beauty to this Eid-al-Adha.

          These unique home décor gift ideas can make Eid al Adha extra special for your loved ones. Celebrate this happy occasion with thoughtful gifts that add beauty to their homes.

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