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6 Elegant Garden Decoration Ideas for Dubai, UAE (2024)

In Dubai, you have many ways to make your garden look good. Making a lovely garden is challenging because of the mix of modern and old styles, but we have good ideas to help you.

The hot weather can be challenging, but it also allows us to think of new ways to make your garden tough and pretty.

Shaghaf Home offers some excellent Garden Decoration Ideas for Dubai; UAE that work well for Dubai’s weather and style so your garden can be a calm and lovely place to relax.

1. Tables to Decor Garden

Choosing a table for your garden is fun because you have many options.

Let’s look at some of the common ones:

  • Dining Tables

These tables are big and perfect for eating with friends and family in your garden. They come in different shapes, like rectangles, circles, or squares. They can be made from wood, metal, or synthetic rattan.

  • Coffee Tables:

These tables are smaller and shorter, just right for places in your garden where you want to relax. You can put drinks, snacks, or nice things on them. They come in lots of different looks and materials.

Check out these coffee tables below:

VENICÉ Coffee table set

Whimsy Cream Cloud-Shaped Coffee tables set

Alpha Nesting Coffee table set

  • Side Tables:

These tables are super helpful in your garden. They can hold plants, be extra tables, or just a spot to put your book and drink. You can find them in all shapes, sizes, and materials to fit your needs.

When picking a table for your garden, think about your space, what you’ll do with it, and what materials will work best outside your home.

Here are the side table you can check these out:


Minimalist white side table

TRIO side tables set

2. Elegant Lighting ideas

In the UAE, where it gets hot and dusty, it’s important to pick lamps that can handle these conditions. Here are some types of lamps that work well for decorating gardens there:

  • LED Lights:

LED lights are strong and save energy, perfect for the UAE's harsh weather. To make your garden look nice, you can find them in different styles, like stake lights or string lights.

Check out these led light:

LED 1X wall light

LED Corner floor lamp

Curve LED floor lamp

  • Floor Lamps:

These lamps are built to handle extreme temperatures and dusty weather. They’re usually made from solid materials like aluminum or stainless steel.

Here are some suggest lamps for you:

Palm tree floor lamp

Reims luxury gold floor lamp

6X marble base floor lamp

Black floor lamp 0071

Modern wooden paper floor lamp

  • Lanterns:

Lanterns made from materials that can handle heat are suitable for UAE gardens. They give off a cozy light and can handle the hot weather.

Here are some of the lanterns you can check:

Black metal decorative lanterns set

Antique design lantern set (2 pieces)

Black Moroccan design Lanterns set

Decoration lanterns set gold

When choosing lamps for your garden in the UAE, make sure they’re tough, can handle the weather, and save energy. This way, they’ll make your outdoor space look great and last long.

3. Wall Arts and Wall Clocks:

When making your garden look nice, choose things that can handle the weather and look like they belong in nature.

Here are some ideas to help you:

  • Metal Wall Art:

Get Art made from solid metals like iron, aluminum, or copper. Look for designs that have things like flowers, leaves, birds, or other natural stuff on them.

Iron wall wings art set (2 WINGS)

Ayat Al-Kursi Islamic wall art

  • Outdoor Canvas Prints:

Pick prints that are made to go outside. They can show things like beautiful landscapes, flowers, or cool designs.

  • Wooden Wall Sculptures:

Use sculptures made from wood that can handle being outside. They give your garden a cozy, old-fashioned feel. You can find ones with carved designs, driftwood, or wood used before.

  • Outdoor Wall Clocks:

Look for clocks made to stay outside, usually metal or plastic. Find ones that match your garden, like ones with flowers or pictures of the sun.

Best wall clocks for outdoor:

Arro wall clock

Iron wall clock

Brill iron wall clock

White star Clock

When choosing decorations for your garden, think about how they look with the rest. Make your garden a cozy and pretty place for you and others to enjoy.

4. Chairs and Sofas

When choosing chairs and sofas for your garden, you should consider things like they can stay outside without getting damaged, handle different types of weather, and match the style you want.

Here are some options to consider:

  • Metal Furniture:

Chairs and sofas made of metal, like aluminum or wrought iron, are tough and can handle being outside in rain or shine. They come in many different styles and designs. So you can find something that fits the look of your garden.

  • Wooden Furniture:

If you want your garden to feel cozy and natural, furniture made of wood like teak or cedar is a good choice. Just ensure it’s treated with special chemicals so it doesn’t get damaged by rain or bugs.

  • Plastic or Resin Furniture:

These chairs and sofas are easy to move around, inexpensive, and simple to clean, making them great for gardens. They come in many colors and styles, so you’ll have many options.

Make sure that you keep in mind how big your garden is, how much space you have for furniture, and what kind of look you want when you’re picking out chairs and sofas.

5. Sculptures and Figurines:

There are lots of sculptures and figurines that can make your garden look nice.

Here are some popular ones:

  • Statues with lights:

Statues are like sculptures of people with lights. They make your garden look special and fancy.


Black novelty floor lamp

Micha standing women black floor lamp

MOZ human statue floor lamp

Lovera floor lamp

  • Animal Sculptures:

These are statues of animals, like birds, rabbits, or deer. They make your garden feel lively and fun. You can also pick more unusual animals like lions, elephants, or dolphins to give your garden a unique touch.

Sculpture swan

  • Bench Sculptures:

Bench sculptures are benches that look like pieces of Art. You can sit on them and relax while enjoying your garden. They add both beauty and functionality to your outdoor space.

  • Abstract Sculptures:

Abstract sculptures are modern-looking artworks that don’t necessarily represent something specific. They come in all shapes and can be made from metal, glass, or stone. They give your garden a contemporary feel.

Look at these sculpture below:

Retro Decorative sculpture

Angel Wings Sculpture

Eros Pop Art Sculpture Object

Love Sculpture Hug Abstract

When choosing sculptures and figurines for your garden, consider what you like and how much space you have. Make sure they’re made from materials that can handle being outside, like stone or metal. That way, they’ll last longer and stay looking good.

6. Vases:

Choosing the suitable vases for your garden is essential. You want ones that can handle being outside and look nice with the plants. Here are some excellent options:

  • Ceramic Vases:

These come in many colors and styles, so you can find one that matches your garden. Look for ones with a shiny finish so they last longer outside.

Check out these ceramic vases:

Wavy ruffle ceramic vases set (2 vases)

Grandee Modern ceramic vases set

Donut Circle Ceramic Vase

Nordic ceramic dried flower vases set

  • Metal Vases:

These are made of iron or aluminum and add a fancy touch to gardens. They’re strong and can handle rough weather conditions.

  • Fiberglass Vases:

These vases are light and tough. They won’t fade or crack; you can find them in many shapes and sizes.

Here some fiberglass vases list so you can check out:

Large Clear Glass Floor Vase

Bag shape flowers vase

MILTA glass bag shape vase

Colorful bag shape vase

PINKY bag shape glass vase

  • Wooden Vases:

Wooden vases give gardens a natural feel. Make sure to choose weather-resistant types like cedar or teak. It would be best if you also put a protective coat on them to stop them from rotting.

When picking vases, think about how they’ll fit with your garden’s style, the weather where you live, and what plants you’ll put in them. Also, check that they can drain water properly so your plants stay healthy.

Final Wording:

If you pick wisely and let your imagination go, your outdoor area in Dubai, UAE, can be great. You can go for what you enjoy most, like a bustling city feel, a luxurious Arabian style, or a peaceful Zen garden vibe.

You can do many things to make your garden cozy, beautiful, and practical. Just choose furniture, decorations, and items that suit Dubai’s weather and fit with what people like.

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