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How to Choose the Right Coffee Table? (According to Your Space)

Choosing the right size, material, shape, and color of a coffee table is essential for getting its wow factor. You will see a wide range of coffee tables in the market, but picking the right one takes time and effort. You have to look for different aspects to determine the best coffee table. 

The exact size and space for a coffee table will vary depending on the specific needs of your space. However, here is a general table that you can use as a guide:

Space size Coffee table size
Small space 36" x 36" or 42" x 42"
Medium space 48" x 24" or 54" x 27"
Large space 60" x 30" or 72" x 36"

It is also important to consider the height of your coffee table. The ideal height for a coffee table is 1-2 inches below the seat height of your sofa. This will make it comfortable for you to reach the table while sitting on the sofa.

If you have a small living room, you may want to consider a coffee table with built-in storage. This can help you to save space and keep your living room organized.

Another thing to consider is the shape of your coffee table. Round or oval coffee tables are a good choice for small spaces because they make the room feel more open and airy. Rectangular and square coffee tables are a good choice for larger spaces. (Stay with us, we will discuss these styles and shapes in detail later in this article)

Coffee Table different size and shapes - how to choose right one

You should consider the main key points when choosing the perfect coffee table for your living room. 

1. Size:

Whether a coffee table is placed in a living room or another room of the house, it can completely change the feel and functionality of the room. Your room will look better or worse with the help of a coffee table, and the main reason behind this is the size of the coffee table. 

The right size of the coffee table depends upon the following aspects of your living room. 

2. Room Size:

The size of the room also determines the right size of the sitting area, leading to the accurate size of the coffee table. First, measure your room in all dimensions to determine how much space you have for sitting. After that, you must measure the length and width of your sitting area because it will help you buy the right size coffee table. After placing a sofa and coffee table in your room, you must have enough space to support comfortable movement. If we talk about the ideal space between the sofa and the coffee table, you must have an 18-inch distance between them. 

If you have a sofa already in your room and you are just planning to buy a coffee table, then this guide will help you determine the best size that you can opt for coffee table. If you have to buy a sofa and coffee table, you will have the option of going for your desired table size. 

3. Functionality of Coffee Table:

After addressing the room size and sitting space, you have to think about the functionality of the coffee table. If the primary purpose of a coffee table is for dining, storing items, or playing board games, then you should go for a large table. On the other hand, if a coffee table is for decorative purposes or occasional use, you can opt for a comparatively smaller table. 

4. Sofa Proportions:

Another determining factor is the size of your sofa in the sitting area because you have to go for a size coffee table that looks good and practical with sitting arrangements. Buying a small coffee table for a big sofa will not be a great idea as it will get lost in an oversized sitting area. Similarly, buying a big coffee table will not provide the ideal look for your room if you have a small sofa in the living room.  

Shape and Style (What shapes are available, and what should you choose?)

You will find various shapes and styles in coffee tables, so you must choose according to your requirements, usage, and personal taste. Every shape has its characteristics, so that you will get the following options in coffee tables. 

  • Round Coffee Tables:

Round coffee tables are commonly used, and mostly, they come in small sizes. So if you have small sitting arrangements in your home, they will be a good choice. It is pretty easy to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere with the help of round coffee tables, and they are also safe for children because they don’t have sharp corners.

  • Square Coffee Tables:

Square coffee tables are more practical because you can use them for various rooms. These coffee tables are not only meant for the living room. You can use them for the dining room as well. They don’t occupy much space, so they are ideal for small sitting areas. These tables provide ample surface area and are suitable for L-shaped and square sofas. Sometimes, they are pretty dangerous as well due to their sharp edges, especially for small kids. 

  • Rectangular Coffee Tables:

The most common shape of coffee tables is rectangular. They are versatile and can fit in any place. They will be an excellent choice for you if you have a large living room or sitting area because they can accommodate multiple users. 

Rectangular coffee tables are sometimes a good choice for a small living room. These tables occupy a large area in the living room, so that you will need more space for free movement between the sofa and the table. 

  • Oval Shape Coffee Tables:

If you want the characteristics of both round and rectangular coffee tables, you should go for an oval shape because they offer a unique and elegant look in the living room. If you have long and narrow space in your living room, you will need more than round and rectangular tables. A-shaped coffee table will be a wise choice for such a sitting area, and its curved shape will soften the room’s overall look. 

Unfortunately, shaped coffee tables have less surface area. So if you want to use them as regular furniture, they will not be beneficial due to their less practicality. In case of more visitors, an oval shape will not be able to provide you with sufficient space for a meal. 

  • Irregular or Free-form Coffee Tables:

If you want to use your coffee table to decorate or give it an artistic look, you should opt for irregular or free-form tables. These tables will add visual interest to the room and are best for bohemian or eclectic decor. 

Style Consideration for Coffee Tables:

The style of your coffee table should be elegant and compatible with sitting space in the living room, so the following are a few popular styles. 

  • Traditional Styles:

Traditional coffee tables have classic designs prepared with leather and wood material. If you have vintage or traditional décor in your living room, these coffee tables will go well. 

  • Modern Coffee Tables:

Modern coffee tables are made with glass, metal, and acrylic, emphasizing minimalistic design and clean lines. These kinds of coffee tables provide a contemporary look. 

  • Rustic:

You will get a warm and inviting feel from rustic coffee tables made with reclaimed wood. Such style of coffee tables is more suitable for farmhouse-style interiors due to their solid and deep looks. 

Best Shape for Coffee Tables:

There is no simple and straight answer to this question because the proper selection of coffee tables depends upon many factors. These factors include the room’s size, the tables’ purpose, and your taste. 

Generally, rectangular or oval-shaped coffee tables are best for long and big living rooms, whereas square and round-shaped coffee tables work well for small sitting areas. 


The height of the coffee table is essential when finalizing the best coffee table for your living room. It would be best to go for tables that look great in the room and must be practical. 

First, analyze the size and height of your sofa in the living room, and then choose the best coffee table according to size. More than 1 inch higher or 3 inches lower than the seat is not a good height for your coffee table. 

If you have low-profile sitting arrangements (sofa and chairs) in your living room, a slightly lower coffee table will be the perfect choice because it will create a more relaxed and casual atmosphere. If you frequently use your coffee table, a taller table will be more suitable for you. 

What is the standard height of a coffee table?

Coffee tables come in various heights, but if we talk about standard size, they fall between 16 to 18 inches. It will be a comfortable height for practical use of coffee tables because you can easily place meals, drinks, snacks, and decoration items on your coffee tables between the heights mentioned above. 

The height of the sofa and your personal preference also have a significant role in considering the correct height of the coffee table. We add to do experiments and see what height goes best with your sofa. Coffee tables of different sizes have different appearances, so you can also mix and match styles to create the best sitting place with coffee tables. 


A coffee table or a dining table is the second most important thing in your living room after the sofa. It is an essential piece of furniture that the guests notice. With the help of a proper coffee table, you can easily transform your living room’s overall appearance. Your coffee table works as a serving table, so it must be functional and stylish simultaneously. 

Many people don’t give any importance to the coffee table, so they use tables that do not match the sofa and other furniture in the living room. Coffee tables have a significant role in the overall look of the living room, and they can also provide a pleasant and welcoming environment to guests.

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Coffee tables are essential furniture elements, and selecting the right table for your space is challenging because you must consider all factors, including size, shape, and height.

Sitting arrangements and personal preference are essential to go for the suitable form of coffee table, so opt for one that looks great in your living room and must also be practical. A well-chosen coffee table will also work as a centerpiece for your sitting area, creating a harmonious and welcoming environment for guests. It is better to explore different options according to your requirements and the size of your living room and then go for the best one.

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