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How to Decorate Side Table for Luxury Look? (16 Modern Ideas)

Side tables have a significant role in the beauty enhancement of your living rooms, bedrooms, and other home rooms. A well-decorated side table can substantially change the room’s overall appearance. 

You can easily decorate a side table to give it a luxury look if you are familiar with the basic principles of decoration. Here you will find a complete guide about side table decoration, so go through this article where you will get many fantastic ideas. 

Decorate the Side Table in the Living Room:

The living room is the heart of your home, so you should always be careful while going for the best decorations in this room. A side table in the living room can serve decorative and functional purposes. 

  • Right Side Table:

The first and basic rule of decorating the living room is choosing the right side table. Go for the suitable material, size, and shape of a side table that is not only modern but also complements the overall theme of your living room. 

  • Balancing:

Balancing is another key to decorating your living room side table, so balance functional and decoration items. Table lamps, open books, and decorative bowls will be great choices to decorate the side table. 

  • Use of Art:

Art for decorating the side table will be a good choice in the living room. It will add a sense of luxury and personal style to your decorations. A statement piece of Art can change the overall look of your living room. 

  • Flowers and Greenery:

You can also use flowers to enhance the beauty of the side table so that you can go with a vase with fresh flowers. It will create a perfect natural atmosphere in your living room, and its freshness and fragrance will catch the attraction of people. 

  • Decorative Objects:

You can use different decorative objects to bring the appearance of living room side tables to the next level. To select the proper decorative objects, you must consider the room’s overall style and your requirements. Go for those objects made from high-quality material for durability, and they also have attractive styles. 

Decorate the Side Table in the Bedroom:

You can have more choices in your bedroom side tables according to your taste. So if you have a traditional bedroom, you can go for a wooden side table. Glass, marble, and metal side tables are for modern living rooms. You can use the following ideas to decorate a side table in the bedroom. 

  • Bedside Lamps:

Bedside lamps are the traditional and most common way of decorating your bedroom side tables. They are also practical, so invest in some modern bedside lamps that provide a luxurious look and give soft and warm lighting. 

  • Perfumes:

You can display perfumes of your choice on a bedroom side table. It will not add a touch of luxury, but you can also easily organize them in the right place. 

  • Photos:

Framed photos of your loved ones will add a sense of personalization to your side table, so go for those prepared for better apparel looks. 

  • Jewelry Tray:

Decorating your bedroom side table with a jewelry tray is another great idea. It will look fantastic, and your jewelry will remain organized in the tray. Go for the right color and tray design that matches the bedroom’s theme. 

Decorate the Side Table for the Drawing Room or Studio:

You can also get the best side table decorations for a drawing room or studio by considering the elements necessary to incorporate a luxurious look. These elements include decorative items, materials for side tables, and color schemes. 

You can use the following options to decorate the side table for the drawing room or studio. 

  • Mirrors or Art Work:

Mirrors and artwork are fabulous choices for decorating a perfect studio or drawing room side table. They not only add visual interest but also create a focal point. 

  • Vases:

You can also use a decorative vase for a side table alone or add some artificial flowers to it as they will provide perfect looks for a long time. You will get many choices in color, size, and designs of vases, so go for the best one according to the place requirements. 

  • Scented Candles:

Candles have had a significant role in our lives and are the best way of decorating a side table. You can use scented candles for the drawing room or studio side table. Organize these candles in a modern container on the side table and light them during any event or when you want to set a mood. 

  • Proper Lighting:

Proper lighting is also a key to decorating a side table so that you can place it in a bright area of the studio or bedroom. Luxurious table lamps can also highlight the decorative items on side tables. 

Best Side Tables for Luxury Looks:

You will find a large variety of side tables that are specially designed for decoration purposes, but go for those options that are also practical. Following are a few popular side table choices for the living room. 

  • Marble Side Table with Gold Base:

A marble side table with a gold base is an attractive option because it will give your room a luxurious and royal look. With the help of the proper decorative objects, you can create solid looks to enhance the room’s beauty. 

  • Anti Rust Metal Side Table:

Anti-rust metal side tables are commonly used nowadays as they are modern and durable. You can store books on them and put vases on their top to enhance the room’s overall looks with the proper selection of colors. 

  • Side Table with Wireless Charger:

Wireless charging side tables are best to use in any house room. They can convert the space into an aluminous one with a built-in lamp and provide the practical option of a wireless charger. You can decorate side tables with books, decorative bowls, coffee mugs, etc.

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