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Wall Paint Ideas for Living Room and Bedroom (Luxury & Modern)

Wall paint has a significant role in the overall appearance of a room. The walls of your living room and bedroom play a substantial role in defining the overall style of your home.

Wall paint also plays a determining factor in decorating your room with different accessories, so choosing the best wall paint according to your requirements and personal preferences is essential. You will find many fantastic wall paint ideas for the living room and bedroom here. 

Wall Paint Color Ideas:

Wall paint color describes your personality, so picking the right colors for your living room and bedroom walls is better. A few important points must be considered before finalizing the paint colors for rooms. The following are the main points that you must keep in mind.

Wall Paint ideas

  • Home Style:

The style of your home is the main factor that must be considered for wall paint color in the living room and bedroom. Go for colors that complement the home’s overall theme for a more attractive look. If you own a modern house, you may choose bold colors or accent walls, but natural colors will be excellent choices for traditionally styled homes, like white, grey, or beige.

  • Room Size:

If you paint a big room, darker colors will be the perfect choice as they will add more depth to a room with a strong appearance, while for smaller spaces, you should opt for lighter colors because they will make the room larger.

  • Availability of Natural Light:

The amount of natural light available in your room also decides the paint color. So, if your room has a lot of natural light, darker shades of paint will look good, but lighter colors are ideal for darker rooms as they can brighten the room.

  • Wall Paint Colors for Living room:

If we talk about the popular color choices for the living room walls, then you can go for navy blue, yellow, white, grey, and beige.

  • Wall Paint Colors for Bedroom:

You have more choices for bedroom wall paint because you can easily personalize the wall paint according to your preference. A favorable choice is pink, lavender, light blue, beige, and white.

Wall Paint Design Ideas:

If you want to improve the overall appearance of your wall, then consider using a wall paint design. It will add more visual interest to the walls of the room, so the following are a few of the best wall paint design ideas.

  • Geometric Patterns:

Geometric patterns provide a modern and elegant look to walls, which also adds a modern touch to your space. Different geometric designs like diamonds, hexagons, and triangles can provide a beautiful appearance to the room. Painter’s tape is enough for simple techniques, but you can use stencils for complex designs.

  • Ombre Walls:

Blending one color into another creates an Ombre effect, so you can paint a wall in two or more colors that coordinate. It will dramatically impact different partitions of the living room and bedroom.

  • Accent Walls:

You can add a pop of color or pattern to the living room and bedroom with the help of accent walls, where a wall is painted in a different color than other walls. Most modern living rooms and bedrooms have accent walls because they can create a focal point of the space.

Living Room Wall Paint and Decor Ideas:

Your living room wall paint and décor items should complement each other. So follow the mentioned tips for creating a modern and luxurious look for your living room.

Wall paint luxury modern livingroom

Wall paint ideas living room

  • Personalize Color Theme:

You can add personal touches to the wall paint of your living room, so go for those colors you love. Your living room should provide a comfortable appearance. You can use family photos, artwork, and modern vases for decoration.

  • Gallery Wall:

You can create a gallery wall in your living room by painting a wall in bold color and adorn it with photographs and framed artwork. It will add more sense of styling to the walls of the living room.

  • Furniture Consideration:

Furniture in the living room also determines the wall paint and décor, so if you have more furniture in your living room, then go for lighter colors and decorate walls with artwork.

Bedroom Wall Paint Ideas:

Your bedroom is a place where you can relax and get a good sleep, so choosing calming colors for bedroom walls is essential. Softer shades like green, light blue, and muted grey will create a calming atmosphere in the bedroom.

Wall Paint ideas bedroom

Wall paint Arabic style ideas for UAE bedroom

Wall Paint bedroom ideas

Paint Ideas for Girl’s Bedroom:

Consider the age and interests of girls while choosing the paint color for the girl’s bedrooms so that metallic, jewel tones and pastel colors are more favorable for older girls. If you choose the paint color for younger girls, light blue, lavender, and soft pink will be popular choices.  

Paint Ideas for Boy’s Bedroom:

For boys’ bedrooms, you have more choices to consider so you can go for sports-themed wall paint, an industrial look with darker shades, a superhero theme with colors and logos of their favorite characters. If we discuss more suitable colors for the boys’ bedroom, then navy blue, grey, and bright blue are good choices.

Paint Ideas Examples

  • 3D Wall Paint Ideas:

    It is easy to create a three-dimensional effect on the walls of your living room and bedroom with the help of wall panels or specialized paint. It will add more depth and texture to the room’s overall appearance.

    • Brick Wall Paint Ideas:

    You can also create a faux brick wall with the help of paint if you love the rustic charm of exposed bricks. It will add more character to the living room and bedroom walls.

    • Rustic Wall Design:

    With the help of warm and earthy colors, you can create rustic wall designs for the walls of your rooms. Rustic wall designs can provide artistic looks to the living room and bedroom.

    • Textured Wall Paint Designs:

    Textured wall paint designs add more dimensions and depth to the bedroom and living room walls. You can add texture using rag rolling, stippling, and sponge painting.

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