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Stylish Bedroom Wall Décor Ideas in Dubai, UAE (2024)

Your bedroom is the place where you have to spend a relaxing time. So it must be capable of providing the maximum comfort. On the other hand, you must not forget about the appearance of a bedroom because a modern bedroom also looks stylish.

Selecting the right furniture and color theme is not enough to make your bedroom stylish. Wall decoration is also essential for getting desired looks. In UAE, people prefer stylish bedrooms that are impossible without wall décor.

Here, you will get many attractive wall décor ideas to bring your bedroom to the next level:

Wall Art Ideas For Bedroom

Wall art is key to enhancing a bedroom's appearance, balancing elements like color, texture, and pattern. The right wall art can make your bedroom unique. In the UAE, consider these options for a modern and stylish bedroom.

1. Ayat Al- Kursi Islamic Wall Art:

    Islamic wall art is famous in the UAE, so you can also use it to decorate bedrooms. Ayat Al-Kursi Islamic wall art can make your bedroom look modern and stylish.

    You can buy an acrylic Ayat Al-Kursi wall art engraved and coated with a gold mirror effect with an impressive size that is visible to the wall easily.

    2. Executive Lion in Classic Suit:

      A lion in a classic suit hung on your bedroom wall is a modern decoration. It will provide a magical touch to the bedroom by creating a focal point. If you are looking for the best wall art in UAE, you can visit Shaghafhome to pick the right one for you.

      3. Sophisticated Lion Cultural Attire:

        A sophisticated lion in cultural attire gives modern and traditional looks. It is also good wall art for the bedroom of your children.

        4. Stylish Cat in Luxurious Attire:

          Improve the style of your bedroom with the help of a stylish cat in luxurious attire. You can hang this wall art on any wall of your bedroom. It will give a magical look to the wall and improve the overall appearance of the place.

          Luxury Wall Clocks To Make Your Bedroom Stylish

            If you are searching for more practical wall décor ideas for your bedroom, go for some uniquely designed wall clocks. Go for a wall clock that complements the overall theme of your bedroom.

            Here are a few choices you can consider:

            1. Bloss Wall Clock:

            Decorate your bedroom wall with the help of a Bloss wall clock designed with metal and unique colors. This wall clock complements with art texture for bolder looks. You can use wall art with this wall clock to get perfect looks from the bedroom.

            2. Arro Wall Clock:

              Traditional wall clocks are not capable of providing stylish looks to the bedroom. You can think of an Arro wall clock designed in feathers style. This metal wall clock with gold and turquoise color dimensions will make your bedroom modern and sleek. 

              3. Pesolontee Wall Clock:

                This wall clock idea is unique and impressive. You can go for the Pesolontee wall clock with a big round shape and dials. Without digits, this wall clock will be a masterpiece for your wall.

                4. Oval Wall Clock:

                  Unlike traditional round-shaped wall clocks, you can consider oval-shaped wall clocks for your bedroom. Different oval-shaped rings with a metal wall clock will look great, and you don’t have to use other wall art on the bedroom walls.

                  Bedroom Wall Décor Lighting Ideas

                    Lighting is a requirement of any bedroom. So, with the help of modern lighting fixtures, you can decorate the bedroom walls. You can use the right lighting fixture to create a bright and cheerful environment in the bedroom that will make it look stylish.

                    1. Halo Style Wall LED Round Light:

                      Unlike traditional wall lights, you can consider halo-style wall LED round lights that will provide iconic looks to the bedroom.

                      You can affix this wall light to any wall of the bedroom. It will work as a perfect wall décor and provide ambient lighting with stylish looks.

                      2. Gold Wall Light:

                      If you want to add luxurious and royal looks to your bedroom, you should prefer this gold wall light. It is designed with elegant gold brass with glass tubes to create a welcoming atmosphere in the bedroom.

                      3. Luxury Marble Wall Light:

                      The purpose of marble wall light is to decorate the walls of different rooms in a home or office. You can use a luxury marble wall light in your bedroom that has natural marble with a hidden LED light wall lamp. Its luxurious design will help you get modern and stylish looks for your bedroom.

                      4. Round Moon Textures Wall Lamp:

                      Wall lamps are ideal for fulfilling your lighting and decoration needs. A round moon texture wall lamp crafted of metal in a sleek round globe design will grab the attention of everyone. You can install these lighting fixtures on single or two-bedroom walls.

                      Wall Mirrors For Bedroom

                      Mirrors play a vital role in the decoration of a bedroom. They enhance the bedroom looks and add more functionality to the place. You can use Wall mirrors to convert a bedroom into a stylish one.

                      1. Faux Fur Full-Length Mirror:

                        You can place a Faux fur full-length mirror on any bedroom wall. This mirror will serve as the perfect wall décor and functionality. You can also hang this mirror on the wall of the bedroom. It will also create a focal point in the space.

                        2. Window Shape Wall Mirror:

                        With the help of a unique window-shaped wall mirror, you can create a perfect illusion in your bedroom. In a traditional arch shape, it is suitable for the best looks of your bedroom wall.

                        3. Irregular Shape Frameless Backlit Wall Mirror:

                        Irregular shape mirrors provide bolder and stylish looks to any bedroom. So you can go for a frameless backlit wall mirror in an irregular shape. With hidden LED light and changing patterns, it will make your bedroom glow perfectly.

                        Adding stylish wall décor to your bedroom can make it look modern and cozy. Whether you pick beautiful wall art, unique clocks, trendy lights, or chic mirrors, these ideas will help you create a comfortable and attractive bedroom. Enjoy decorating your space!

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