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Modern Mirrors with Lights in Dubai, Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Are you searching for something to enhance the appearance and functionality of your home? If yes, Mirrors with Light are available at Shaghaf Home in Dubai (UAE) for this purpose. You will get a wide range of modern and sleek to luxurious mirrors designed to elevate your home decoration and provide the best illumination.

We have all kinds of mirrors with lights available at our online store. So you can directly place your order from our website or download our app and get extra discounts on all your demands. You will get these mirrors delivered to your home or desired address within 48 hours of the order with our free delivery service. 

Luxury Mirrors with LED Back Lights:

We take pride in offering modern and luxury mirrors in different designs with LED lights so your living room, bedroom, bathroom, and dressing room will glow perfectly after installing these mirrors.

These modern mirrors are available in different shapes and sizes, so you have various options that will help you in getting your desired mirror. Energy-efficient LED lights are installed in these mirrors that will not only provide the optimum brightness but also look great by adding more style to the appearance of the mirrors.

Full-Length Mirrors with Light Options:

You can use full-length mirrors in any bedroom, dressing room, and walk-in closet. They are not only practical but also serve as decoration items. You will get clear reflection with the help of these full-length mirrors and light options that they have. You can check your outfits and dress easily with the ideal length of these mirrors and LED lights.

With the help of these full-length mirrors that are available at Shaghaf home, you have a choice of wall-mounted options and freestanding mirrors. Our collection has all the options that suit your preferences and needs. So browse your favorite full-length mirrors with lights from here and go for the best one.

Round and Irregular Mirrors with Lights:

If you are looking to add a touch of uniqueness to your home decorations, then we have many great mirror options with amazing lights. With these round and irregular mirrors, there is no need for conventional shape mirrors that don’t go well with modern homes.

Our specially designed round and irregular mirrors can create a focal point in any room, and the added LED lights not only give a prominent look to the shape of these mirrors but also offer practical illumination. From bathroom to living room, you have many choices in settings of these mirrors that can give a modern and fresh look to your living place.

Makeup Mirrors with LED Light:

For makeup lovers, proper lighting is essential to achieve flawless looks, so we are here to fulfill your makeup demands with the help of our most stylish makeup mirrors with light. These specially designed makeup mirrors can provide the best light facility that will allow you to see every detail without the utmost clarity.

These makeup mirrors are available in different attractive designs and sizes. They will bring your makeup to the next level by ensuring your beauty with depth looks. These makeup mirrors are the best in quality, so in UAE, you have the right opportunity to get them at the best price tags that are affordable.             

Best Mirrors for Shaving with Light Option for Bathroom and Vanity:

Bathrooms and vanity areas are places where you need impressive lighting and mirror options, especially if we talk about activities like shaving. We have the best mirrors for shaving with light options that you can use in the vanity and bathroom. These mirrors with light options provide exceptional clarity and brightness to ensure you never miss a spot while shaving.

These shaving mirrors at Shaghaf Home are best for homes and commercial places like hotels and restaurants. They are capable of providing perfect illumination for accurate and close shave. You will truly enjoy the luxurious shaving experience with enhanced visibility every time.

Wall-Mounted Magnifying Mirrors with Light:

Wall-mounted magnifying mirrors with light are the perfect addition to your bathroom, as these mirrors come with adjustable magnification options and LED lighting. These advanced options make them the first for close-up grooming and skincare routine.

At Shaghaf Home, you will get many choices in wall-mounted magnifying mirrors with LED lights. These are space-saving mirrors as they can be hung and provide added convenience. Our wall-mounted magnifying mirrors are highly demanded for home and commercial purposes because of their affordability and practicality.

You can use these mirrors in different areas of your home, office, or restaurant and get the perfect illumination with bright LED lights. These wall-mounted magnifying mirrors will simplify your grooming tasks with the help of crystal clear view and enhanced lighting options.

Mirrors with Lights - Best For Bathroom, Living room, Bedroom and Dressing Room:

If you are shifting to a new home or looking for mirrors for various rooms, then you will get your desired choices at a single place that is similar to Shaghaf Home. We are one of the biggest online suppliers of all kinds of mirrors with lights in the UAE.

With our attractive price options, you will get amazing discounts and offers on these mirrors.

These mirrors are versatile, so they go well with various settings, making them suitable choices for different areas of the home. You will get the best mirrors with lights for your bedroom, living room, bathroom, and dressing room that will give a touch of elegance and luxury to different spaces.

These LED lights do not only fulfill the lighting requirements, but they are also capable of creating an inviting and elegant atmosphere.

Benefits of Full-Length Mirrors with LED Lights:

Investing in full-length mirrors with LED lights available at Shaghaf Home will provide plenty of benefits. Our beautiful mirrors are more than just a functional piece as they are a statement of style and elegance. You will get many advantages by using these full-length mirrors with LED lights, so some of these distinguishable benefits are given below.

Lighting Mirrors are Suitable for Best Selfies:

Selfies are trending in this era of social media, and good lighting is necessary for getting perfect looks. Full-length mirrors with LED lights available at Shaghaf Home are perfect for capturing the best selfies because the integrated LED lights provide even and flattering illumination.

Perfect brightness will allow you to take stunning photos effortlessly, so it’s the right time to say goodbye to lousy selfie lighting and say hello to picture-perfect moments with our lighting mirrors.

Look Modern and Decorative:

Mirrors are not just meant for reflection because they are also capable of providing perfect decorations to different rooms if chosen carefully. We have all kinds of modern and decorative mirrors with LED lights at affordable prices. Warm lighting and sleek designs of these mirrors will create a visually appealing and inviting atmosphere that will complete your interior design.

You can use these mirrors for different house rooms like bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms, and vanity areas. Our modern and decorative mirrors have bright effects with changing light patterns. They will create more inspiring looks for your place with beautiful lighting and unique design.

Best for Restaurants and Hotels:

Restaurants and hotels are where these mirrors will be more in demand. You can create an intimate ambiance in a restaurant or provide well-lit spaces in the bathroom and other hotel rooms, you will get perfect solutions at our online store.

Customers will get the best experience with the help of enhanced brightness and a clear view of mirrors. Without paying extra effort, you can easily get luxurious looks for your establishment using these mirrors specially designed for different kinds of hotels and restaurants in UAE.

We will deliver these mirrors to your restaurant or hotel within 48 hours of the order. You can also save time and precious money with our complimentary home delivery service throughout the UAE.

Best Mirrors with Lights for Dressing Tables (Makeup Rooms):

No dressing table looks complete without proper lighting arrangements for beautification and grooming. Our mirrors with LED lights are faithful companions for your dressing table because their integrated light offers optimum brightness and clarity for makeup applications.

You can use these best mirrors with LED lights for dressing tables in makeup rooms at your home or for commercial places like parlors. We assure you the best quality of these mirrors with modern design and appealing looks.  

Suitable for Dental Clinics and Inspections:

Dental clinics and inspection rooms require precision for proper functioning. Our mirrors with illuminated LED lights are quite suitable for such environments. They will help you provide well-illuminated and transparent surfaces for the best examination and procedures.

You will get every detail visible, so these mirrors are a valuable addition to health care and dental facilities. Patients will also get a positive experience due to the enhanced brightness and clear vision of these mirrors.

All mirrors are designed according to the latest trends in UAE, and we also ensure the quality of these mirrors. We deliver them anywhere in UAE, so there is no need to visit the market physically because you can get your favorite mirrors with lights while staying at home.

Dive headfirst into the dazzling world of our LED Mirrors collection, right here in the heart of the UAE! Picture this: an array of mirrors that don't just reflect, but light up your style game. We've got all kinds, from floor mirrors that stretch to the heavens to vanity mirrors that bring the party straight to your face. And what's the secret sauce?

Integrated LED lights, marry sleek modern vibes with the sheer joy of lighting up your space!

Take the Best Selfie with Your Lighting Mirrors Collection 

Ever dreamt of a bathroom that's a stylish sanctuary? Our decorative mirrors and lights are here to make that dream a reality! They're not just mirrors, they're the glittering showstoppers that add depth and pizzazz to any room. Your mirror, your rules!

Before you conquer the day, take a peek into our magical realm of lighted mirrors. They're like your personal beauty spotlight, always ready to make you look and feel fabulous. Flawless reflection, every time – it's all about the craft. Browse our playful collection online and let the UAE sprinkle a little modern magic into your decor.