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Modern Vases in Dubai, Abu Dhabi (UAE) - Fast Delivery Available all over UAE

Decorative vases are used for interior decoration because they are versatile and can display fresh or artificial flowers. These contemporary vases come in various sizes, designs, shapes, and materials. So you can easily get your desired one that is perfect for the home decor style. 

Discover our diverse and captivating Vases Collection, a symphony of modernity, dried flowers, boho vibes, and wabi-sabi charm. In our modern vases, sleek lines and contemporary designs take center stage, offering a minimalist aesthetic that complements any space.

For those enchanted by nature's artistry, our dried flower vases provide a timeless canvas, showcasing the beauty of preserved blooms. Dive into the boho-style vases, where vibrant colors, eclectic patterns, and a free-spirited essence come together, adding a playful touch to your decor.

Embrace the imperfect perfection of wabi-sabi with our collection of vases, celebrating the beauty of impermanence and the allure of natural simplicity. Each vase tells a unique story, inviting you to infuse your space with style and grace.

If we talk about popular materials for modern vases, they are made with glass, wood, metal, and ceramic. The demand for contemporary vases has grown significantly in Dubai Abu Dhabi (UAE). Shaghaf Home is one of the leading online stores in UAE that provides all kinds of modern vases that bring inspiration and innovation to interior design. 

We have two broad categories of vases available at our online store, so you will get many choices in glass and ceramic vases in the first category. In the second category, you can buy unique and luxury-style vases. 

Unique and Luxury Glass and Ceramic Vases:

Glass and ceramic vases are classic and effortless choices for any decor style. So, if you live anywhere in UAE and search for the best glass and ceramic vases, Shaghaf Home will help you. You will get many attractive and high-quality vases from our online store.

These luxury vases will showcase the beauty of fresh or artificial flowers in a modern way. If we talk about ceramic vases, they combine craftsmanship with artistry; we will also find many such vases to complement your interior design.

Ceramic vases offer a wide range of textures, finishes, and colors for modern decorations, whereas glass vases are familiar for their modern and sleek looks.

There are many unique decorative vases available at Shaghaf Home. You can explore this section thoroughly to get the best and most famous glass and ceramic vase styles.

Large Clear Glass Floor Vase:

Our large, clear glass floor base is perfect for making a statement in your home. This masterpiece adds a touch of modernism to your decor and allows you to show your favorite blooms.

You can place different colored flowers in this vase because of its transparency, as it is perfect for displaying stems and tall flower branches. Decorative pebbles or stones can also be placed to add a more attractive look to this large clear glass floor vase. This vase has a straightforward glass bottle design capable of holding many flowers.

Bag Shape Glass Vase:

A bag-shaped glass vase is another popular choice for you that embodies artistry and modernism. Its fantastic design will allow you to display small bouquets and put a single stem of your favorite flower.

Buy this fashionable flower glass vase from Shaghaf Home at a fantastic price offer. This vase is made with the best quality material to add more sense of styling to your interior design.

Nordic Ceramic dried Flowers Vase Set:

Our Nordic ceramic dried flowers vase set is best to display your dried flowers due to its fantastic design. The set is comprised of two vases that are in different sizes and made up of high-quality ceramic.

You can arrange dried flowers or plants for a rustic look that is ideal for any home decor theme. It’s the right time to place your order here and get it delivered anywhere in Dubai with our complimentary home delivery service.

Wavy Ruffle Ceramic Vases Set:

You can personalize your interior design with the help of our wavy ruffle ceramic vase set, which is available at a discounted price. The vase has a wavy ruffle design that will bring your decor to the next level.

Donut Circle Ceramic Vase:

The donut circle ceramic vase is a piece of Art whose circular design creates a beautiful frame for flower arrangements. You can also place artificial flowers in this vase for perfect looks.

With our free exchange policy, exchanging your vase within 3 working days is effortless. So grab this opportunity and get this beautiful and inspirational set from our online store.

Unique and Luxury Style Vases:

If you want unique and luxury-style vases to decorate your home, a large variety is available at Shaghaf Home. These vases are made from the finest and premium quality material and feature unique designs, styles, and shapes.

Modern Creamy White Vase Set:

This modern creamy white vase set has a unique design that will provide a luxurious look to your decor. It has a modern and unique boho style that can create an inviting and stylish atmosphere in the room.

Pinky Bag Shape Glass Vase:

If you love textured vases, then this pinky bag-shaped glass vase with darker pink spots textured is ideal for you. Its pink shade complements a variety of flowers and makes it a classic choice for those who appreciate elegance and simplicity.

Colorful Bag Shape Vase:

Express your creativity with the help of this eye-catching, colorful, bag-shaped vase that is available at our online store. This vase features an artificial leather handle that is easy to handle.  

MILTA Glass Bag Shape Vase:

The MILTA glass bag-shaped vase provides you with the right opportunity to show your creativity with artistic floral arrangements. It has a unique design, and luxurious looks are perfect for decorating any homeroom.

You will get modern vases from our online store at excellent prices. With our complimentary home delivery service now, buying any vase of your choice while staying at home is effortless, and your order will be delivered within 48 hours anywhere in the UAE.