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How to Match the TV Stand and Coffee Table? (Ideas with Images)

The arrangement of furniture in different rooms of a home or office significantly impacts the overall look of the place. TV stands and Coffee tables are vital pieces of furniture because they are practical choices and play a significant role in the room’s appearance. 

Matching pieces can create a more welcoming and polished look to the room, so people prefer to watch the TV stands and coffee tables. If you have a modern coffee table made of metal or glass, then you should go for a TV stand that has a similar style and finish. On the other hand, for a traditional coffee table made of wood, you must choose a TV stand made of a similar type of wood. 

Should the Coffee Table Match with TV Stand?

It is optional to match your coffee table with a TV stand exactly, but you can mix and match different pieces to create a unique look in the room. If you have decided on a match style, all the parts you choose complement each other. 

Matching a coffee table and TV stand is a traditional way of creating a cohesive interior design. Still, if we talk about modern interior design, you have more choices based on different factors. You should consider the points below to decide whether your TV stand should match the coffee table.

  • Furniture Style:

Before buying the coffee table and TV stand, you should analyze the existing furniture style in the room. If you have traditional furniture, the matching option will be great for maintaining a consistent theme. 

For modern and luxurious furniture, you can go for the match style because it looks impressive in the room and has many choices in the selection of coffee table and TV stand. 

  • Functionality:

The functionality of the TV stand and coffee table should also be considered for matching them. Matching will not be essential if they serve different purposes like display and storage. If both items are used for decorative purposes, you can choose the matching option. 

  • Room Size:

Room size is also a determining factor because, for small rooms, coordinating furniture will give a more open appearance. For big rooms, you have more choices, mix styles and colors. 

  • Personal Choice:

Ultimately, the major deciding factor is your personal taste and preferences, so if you like the matching idea, opt for it. If you love mixing and matching different pieces, they will also look fine in the room. 

Can You Use a Coffee Table as a TV Stand?

The flexibility of furniture is one of the desired options in interior designing, so using a coffee table as a TV stand is entirely possible. A few essential points should be considered before using a coffee table as a TV stand. 

  • Height and Size:

The primary and most important thing is the size and height of the coffee table, as a typical coffee table is lower than a TV stand. Before using a coffee table as a TV stand, ensure it is tall enough to keep the screen at eye level for comfortable viewing. The width of the coffee table should also be sufficient to support the TV's weight to avoid any mishap. 

  • Storage Space:

A coffee table should have optimum storage for remote control, media equipment, and other TV-related items. Many coffee tables come with compartments, shelves, and drawers, making them more suitable for TV stands. 

  • Cable Management:

Cable management is the fundamental purpose of a TV stand, so ensure that your coffee table has sufficient space to organize and hide cables to create a perfect look. There should be discreet routes and openings in the coffee table so wires do not make a mess. 

Matching TV tables, Console Tables, and Coffee Table Ideas:

You can consider many options for matching TV tables, console tables, and coffee tables, so here are a few tips that will help in the best matching. 

  • Matching Styles:

Select TV tables, console tables, and coffee tables with matching styles. It is the primary and most straightforward way to achieve harmonious looks in the room. You can go for any design with a common language, like traditional, modern, rustic, etc. 

  • Similar Colors:

Similar colors are another best way of matching your coffee, TV, and console tables. You can go for the colors with a similar dark or lighter finish for the best combination. It is optional to have a single color for all furniture so that you can choose the standard colors for console tables, coffee tables, and TV tables. 

  • Consistent Material:

Consistency in furniture material is also essential to create a unified look. So, if your coffee table is made of metal, glass, or wood, your TV and console table should have similar material. It will create a sense of continuity in your furniture and tie the room together. 

  • Difference in Shapes:

While matching the console tables, TV tables, and coffee tables, you have a choice of difference in shapes as it does not affect the overall theme of the furniture. Mixing different shapes will enable you to create a more welcoming appearance and visual interest in the space. 

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