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25+ New Home Gift Ideas 2024 (UAE) - Luxury & Affordable

Moving into your new home is an excellent experience in the life of anyone, and it is the best time to celebrate this moment with your family members and friends. When it comes to giving a new home gift, you may have many choices, but you must think about those options that are practical as well. 

In UAE, people pay special attention to giving gifts because it is a cherished tradition. You can think of some fantastic new home gift ideas 2023 that will show your concern about the gift’s receiver. Here, you will get some of the best ideas to help you choose the best new home gift in UAE.

Unique New Home Gift Ideas:

Everyone likes unique gifts because they bring an element of surprise. So, if you are looking for such gifts for a new homeowner, the following are a few fantastic choices. 

Many unique wall arts can be a great choice as a new home gift because they can add more depth and colors to a dull space. Just like every person in the world is unique, a classic Art piece is also a special gift that shows thoughtfulness. 

You can consider the personality of the person you are buying wall Art to personalize your gift. Deer wall Art, iron wings wall Art, and star wall Art are unique choices the receiver will like. 

  • Smart Home Devices:

It is the era of technology, so smart home devices can be used as a gift for a new home because they are unique and practical. You can consider intelligent bulbs an advantage because they will be the best choice. Voice-activated assistants and thermostats are also useful smart devices given as new home gifts. 

  • Housewarming Gifts:

Housewarming gifts are presented to people who move into a new place so that you can think of some unique gift items. Engraved cutting boards, custom-made door mats, and floor cushions are a few housewarming gifts that will add more sense of styling with practicality. 

  • Handcrafted Items:

You can buy many amazing and unique handcrafted items in UAE by visiting local markets, but online stores are best to buy such gifts because they have a wide range of such things. Hand-painted ceramics and woven rugs are favorable options to hand over as a new home gift. 

  • Furniture:

Furniture is not a typical new home gift, so if you want to add uniqueness, you should consider it. If the new house has outdoor space, you can also think of outdoor furniture. 

A marble oval tray is a kind of, unique gift but a practical choice as well. It can store perfume and jewelry items and work as a serving tray. A marble tray in an oval shape will give a luxurious look, so it is a considerable gift for a new home. 

New Home Modern Gift Ideas for Couples:

If you are thinking of new home gift ideas for couples, then you should go for gift items that both can enjoy. 

  • Gift Basket:

A gift basket always contains a sense of interest, so that you can choose such a gift basket for a couple comprising different objects. You can add four to five items in a gift basket that are equally useable by couples. Fruits, chocolates, home décor items, and kitchenware items can be added to gift baskets for new houses. 

  • His and Her Items:

His and her items are also suitable for couples as new house gifts, so that you can go for such things in pairs. Matching key chains, mugs, and bathrobes are attractive choices that symbolize a sense of togetherness and unity. 

  • Coffee Maker:

The coffee maker is the best gift for those couples who start their day with a cup of coffee, so they will genuinely appreciate your contribution. Finding a good coffee maker with attractive packing for new home gifts is easy. 

Candle holder sets look great as decorative items and can be used on many occasions, like candlelight dinners, birthdays, and anniversaries. If you are thinking of a romantic gift that you can give for a new home to a couple, then a beautiful candle holder set will be a fantastic idea. 

Home Accessories Luxury Gift Ideas in Budget:

If you are looking for gift ideas on a budget that you can give for a new home, then the following accessories are pretty economical and serve as great gifts. 

Table lamps are in every house, and you can easily find many budget-friendly table lamps in the UAE. These table lamps can be used daily, so the receiver of this gift will appreciate you after getting them. 

Wall clocks are not only practical, but they are also best for decorative purposes. You can find many Art clocks that will look great on walls. A medium-sized wall clock will be a favorable choice as a new home gift. 

Elegant vases are also a viable option as a gift for a new home and are not costly. You can think of glass or ceramic vases as they look modern and functional.

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