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12 Best Round Mirror Decoration Ideas for Various Places (2024)

Round mirrors are most commonly used in homes. They are versatile and are a timeless addition to home decor, so they can easily enhance the beauty of any place. Round mirrors are suitable for interior decoration as they add different dimensions to the room and create a focal point. If you are interested in round mirrors, you will get many fantastic decoration ideas that will turn your simple place into the best one.  

Many different styles of round mirrors are available so that you can go for the best one. A few popular round mirror options are mentioned below. 

  • Classic:

These are the most commonly used round mirrors, typically made of metal or wood, with simple and elegant designs. 

  • Glamorous:

Glamorous round mirrors have a luxurious finish, mostly made with glass or metal.

  • Modern:

Modern round mirrors are more streamlined and best for all decorations. They are made from acrylic and glass material and provide the best looks. 

  • Rustic:

Natural materials are used in rustic round mirrors with distressed finish so you will find them in wood or bamboo. 

Round Mirrors Decoration Ideas:

You can decorate your place with the help of round mirrors by following a few ideas below. 

  • Fire Place:

Hang the mirror above the fireplace or metal to get a bold look from them. It is suitable for round mirrors to create a focal point at the wall. 

  • Vanity Area:

If you don’t have a separate vanity area, you can place a round mirror in your bedroom to create a vanity space. It will look great if you have a comparatively big bedroom. 

  • Several Round Mirrors:

If you have sufficient space on the wall, you can go for several round mirrors by grouping them. It will create a unique wall display with little effort. 

  • Flowers and Candles:

You can surround your round mirror with flowers and candles to add a wow factor to your decoration. Artificial flowers will be more desirable as they will provide the perfect looks for a long time without maintenance. 

How to hang a round mirror with 2 hooks?

Round mirrors are best-selling items, but you must wonder how to hang them with 2 hooks correctly and safely every time you buy them. You must follow the below-mentioned guidelines for the perfect hanging of a round mirror with 2 hooks. 

  • Right Location:

Choosing the right location is one of the most essential steps in interior design. So, you must consider lighting arrangements and practicality simultaneously for the best location. It will also help you in balancing the room’s décor. 

  • Use of Suitable Tools:

Before hanging a round mirror with two hooks, you must have essential tools and materials. Safety precautions should also be followed when handling mirrors to avoid any kind of mishap. Different hooks and wall anchors are used for different wall types, so picking the most suitable tools is advised. 

  • Mark after Measuring:

In this step, first, you must accurately measure the mirror and wall to know the exact drilling place. After this step, mark the mounting points for the hooks so you can also use a level for precision. 

  • Installation of Hooks and Wall Anchors:

In the next step, you must securely install the hooks and wall anchors on the wall. For the best and most accurate results, ensure that hooks are level and aligned because it will help you hang the mirror in the perfect place. 

  • Hang the Mirror:

In the last step, you have to ensure the proper lifting and hanging of the mirror so that the mirror can be mounted safely. Adjust the position of hooks for optimal positioning and check for balance and stability at the end. After proper hanging, you must protect the mirror from damage and clean it regularly. 

How to hang a heavy round mirror?

It is more challenging to hang a heavy mirror than a lighter one, but you can do it yourself with some care by following precautions and the proper steps. 

  • Weight of the mirror and appropriate hardware:

Determine the weight of the heavy mirror for selecting the proper hardware and tools. Heavy-duty hangers and anchors should be preferred as they will handle the mirror’s weight easily. 

  • Mark the Location:

For marking the location of the wall anchors, you have to measure the distance between two hooks on the back of the mirror and use a level to keep spots on the wall. 

  • Drilling:

After marking the location of the wall anchors, the next step is to drill two holes in the wall at marked spots. Use the drill bit according to the size of the wall anchors. After drilling, insert the wall anchors in the holes. 

  • Hang the Heavy Mirror:

Now, lift the mirror onto the hooks and ensure it is centered. The heavy round mirror will hang perfectly in the desired place. You can add different decorative touches to complement your décor style. 

How to measure round mirror?

Measuring a round mirror is tricky, but following the proper steps can measure it accurately. You will need a measuring tape to measure the diameter of the mirror. Measure the distance across the broadest part of the mirror and get the radius for perfect placement.

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