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8 Study Room Decoration Ideas in Dubai (UAE)

A peaceful and welcoming environment in the study room is necessary for enhancing your focus and productivity. Creating a dedicated study space with impressive decoration is quite beneficial. You are doing work from home or studying for exams.

Furniture is another essential item, and it should be according to the theme of the study room. Look for existing furniture and go for necessary modification or replacement.

1. Furniture

    Books and furniture are essential for a study room. So, if you are looking for study room decoration ideas, start with its furniture. Pick the right and modern furniture according to the availability of space. In Dubai (UAE), you can decorate your study room with the help of a few essential furniture items that are following.

    2. Tables

    No matter how small or big is your study room, you must ensure the presence of a well-decorated and organized table in it. You can buy a big table if you have a spacious study room.

    But if your space is small, you can take advantage of side and coffee tables. They occupy less space and have attractive looks. So it will be easy for you to manage the decoration of your study room with their help.

    3. Chairs and Sets

    Relaxing chairs and sets are the best choice for decorating the study room. They create a peaceful environment for study. In Dubai (UAE), you will get many beautiful chairs and sets for your study room. You can visit Shaghaf Home to get the best deals for your study room.

    • Panda Arm Chair:

    You can find this beautiful chair on Shaghaf Home at the best price. This chair has a very nice look as it combines comfort and style. You can place it in your study room to create a comfortable environment.

    • Transparent Chair:

    An acrylic transparent chair will be a beautiful addition to your study room. The best thing about this chair is that it goes well with all kinds of study room décor. Use a coffee table with this chair if the study room has less space.  

    • Ivory Accent Chair:

    An ivory accent chair is another great choice for decoration in the study room. It has a unique design that can match any interior, and you can use it easily.

    4. Storage Furniture

      Storage tables are crucial for any study room because you need to put books on shelves and drawers available in them. Your storage furniture should be modern and capable of enhancing the overall environment of the study room.

      Here are some following are a few suitable choices for study room:

      • Zuda Books Shelves Display:

      It will be a great addition to your study room. It requires less space and can provide you with sufficient space for storage purposes. The attractive design and color of this table will boost the appearance of the study room.

      You can also use it to display different art pieces and dried plants that will contribute to the attractive looks of the room.

      • Wooden White Arch Display Stand:

      Are you looking for a simple storage stand that fits in any study room? If yes, then consider this wooden white arch display stand. Its beautiful wooden design in white color is very inspiring and ideal for the best study environment and decoration.

      • Lila’s Bookshelf Stand:

      It is a small-sized bookshelf stand, but it can create a focal point in your study room. It is crafted from wood and has a stunning beige color to make a bold look.

      5. Wall Arts

        Wall art is not only meant for the living room or bedroom. It can provide the best décor for your study room. A well-placed wall art will boost your mood while entering the study room, and you will get the perfect environment for the place.

        • Ayat Al- Kursi Islamic Wall Art:

        This beautiful Islamic wall art is necessary for all modern study rooms. Golden-colored Ayat Al-Kursi artwork is inspirational and capable of providing a luxurious look to your study room.

        • Regal Lion in Traditional Elegance:

        Digital framed artwork looks adorable in the study room. So you can consider a regal lion in traditional elegance for the room. You can hang this wall art on the main wall of your study room to create a focal point.

        6. Wall and Table Clocks

          People prefer to say goodbye to mobile phones and other gadgets. They only need a wall clock that can tell them the right time. You can install a beautiful wall clock and elevate the outlook of your study room.

          • Iron Wall Clock:

          A gold metal iron wall clock with a beautiful black dial is a good décor idea for the study room. It is not only a practical choice, but you will feel a modern environment after adding this wall clock to your study room.

          • Crystal Arch Table Clock:

          Table clocks are essential for study rooms because they serve as centerpieces for study tables. You can buy a crystal arch table clock for the study room and place it in the center or side of the study table. You can use side tables for this table clock.

          7. Lighting Fixtures

            Lighting provides the right mood for study. So you must ensure the proper lighting arrangements in your study room. Install eco-friendly lighting fixtures that can provide ample ambiance in the study room. Modern lighting fixtures will help you in decorating your study room well.

            8. Reading Lamps:

              Reading lamps are specially designed for study rooms. So you will get many choices of modern reading lamps. It will improve the room decor.

              • Butterfly Floor Lamp:

              A lovely butterfly floor lamp with lighting wings is compact. It is a good choice for a study room. It will not only provide you with task lighting but improve the décor of the room as well.

              • Curve Style Floor Lamp:

              A curve-style floor lamp in black color is a must-have item for any study room. This beautifully designed floor lamp will make attractive looks and boost the overall décor of the study room.

              • Cloche Modern Fully Black Floor Lamp:

              If you want to give signatory looks to your study room, you should opt for this Cloche modern black floor lamp due to its Modern design. You can add some complementing sofa with this floor lamp for appealing study room decor.


              Making your study room peaceful and welcoming is important for better focus and productivity. Using the right furniture, wall art, and lighting can turn any space into a great place to study. 

              If you're in Dubai or somewhere else, these simple decoration ideas can help you create a study room that’s both useful and inspiring. Enjoy decorating!

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